Sue Macartney-Snape was born in Tanzania, grew up in Australia and arrived in London in 1980.

She has had sell out exhibitions with leading London galleries and has had many commissions, including ones from Glyndebourne and The Metropolitan Opera.

Between 1994 and 2011 Sue Macartney Snape drew the characters in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine’s Social Stereotypes column, a selection of which have been republished in nine books.

Sue Macartney Snape won the 2004 Pont Award for drawing the British Character and has been acclaimed as the “Wodehouse of Art”.

Photograph by Antoinette Eugster

It is with a keen eye and a quick wit that Sue Macartney-Snape makes her very English observations. The subtle removal of a small bound drawing book from her bag or pocket would be a signal to the astute passer by. Its withdrawal indicates that she may have noticed an unusual expression, or an amusing vignette - and is about to record it with well-pointed precision.

Those glaringly obvious foibles which we and our contemporaries try to hide are presented by Sue in typically characteristic humour. She hones in on that which makes our country the uniquely quirky place it is. Rushing about our day to day lives, we may notice the happy-go-lucky lady cyclist, dog in basket, off to the church luncheon. Indeed, we may come home to a dear husband or wife, snoring gently in their favourite chair, cat on lap and dogs sprawled around feet. Sue reopens our eyes to these sights and allows us to rediscover the quintessential comedy to be found on our very doorstep.

We are pleased to showcase all of Sue's signed limited editions prints on this website. All images are printed on top quality acid-free Canaletto Lisco paper and each copy is signed and hand-numbered in pencil by Sue. The prints are carefully rolled in a strong cardboard tube and orders are dispatched worldwide.

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